Wydawca treści Wydawca treści


6 hunting districts controlled by the Forest District Przytok belong to III Hunting Division.

         The hunting district No. 161 includes in some part the Forest District Nowa Sól (90 ha). The hunting district No. 135 comprised some part of the Forest District Zielona Góra (1071 ha)

         Moreover, part of the Forest District is located in the districts controlled by other Forest Districts (hunting districts No. 149 - 1166 ha, hunting districts No. 164 - 1868 ha, hunting districts No. 180 - 365 ha, hunting districts No. 181 - 48 ha, hunting districts No. 182 - 9 ha).

       The Forest District supervises game management, that is carried out by hunting associations, conducting it in such way to make the richness of hunting game species to sustain in harmony of bio-diversified forest stands.